Interlectric offers a full line of ballasts for most applications.

We stock a complete selection of Electronic, Magnetic, HID, Sign, and Ignitor/Capacitor Ballasts. ?For additional ballasts or questions, please contact our friendly customer service.

Background Information:

  • A lighting system that uses gaseous discharge lamps requires a ballast. An electrical arc is produced between electrodes within the lamp and acts much as a short circuit which can be sustained through proper ballasting. The gases within the arc tube a re ionized once sufficient voltage is present. Unless controlled, the current within the lamp would continue to increase until the lamp fails. For this reason a ballast must be used.
  • The ballast serves two functions. First, it provides the proper starting voltage to establish and operate the lamp arc. Second, the ballast stabilizes the current at a level needed by that lamp. Ballasts must be matched to the lamp type, size, wattage, and line voltage. Never use any ballast except one that is designed for the specific use for which it was intended.

Fluorescent Ballasts:

  • Ballasts are available by fluorescent size and type
  • For single tube and two tube fixtures (4 tube fixtures use two 2 tube ballasts)
  • In 120 volt and 240 volt

High Intensity Discharge Lamps:

  • Ballasts configuration – Core & Coil, Encased, Potted, Etc
  • For High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, & Mercury
  • Available in multiple voltages and types