Interlectric Corporation offers offers a full line of colored lamps for a variety of purposes.

Blue: Blue lamps are commonly used in aquariums and other places where a soft blue light is desired.
Sizes available: F15T8/B, F20T12/B, F30T12/B, F32T8/B, F40T12/B, F96T12/B

Cool Green: Lighting where visual acuity is important such as drafting departments, machine shops, quality control departments, inspection areas, schools, libraries, laboratories, and offices. The human eye responds with maximum sensitivity to the yellow-green region of the spectrum, at 55nm. The light from Cool Green peaks in this same range. Cool Green is also excellent for use in green, vegetable displays. It has a Kelvin temperature of 6700 and CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 85.

Sizes available: F15T8, F20T12, F30T8, F30T12, F32T8, F40T12, F72T12, F72T12/HO, F96T12, F96T12/HO

Display Pink: A warm white light similar to Warm White but much better in spectral distribution. Use where flesh tones are to be complemented, such as beauty parlors, restaurants, and cocktail lounges. Also excellent for use in deli counters and bread displays in bakeries.

Sizes available: F15T8, F20T12, F30T12, F32T8, F40T12, F48T12, F60T12, F72T12, F72T12/HO, F96T12, F96T12/HO

Gold: Our gold lamps can be used as bug lights in any standard outdoor fluorescent fixture. These lamps are also used for amusement park lighting, mood lighting in bars and restaurants and for color correction when used with bilirubin lamps.

Sizes available: F15T8, F32T8, F20T12, F40T12, F48T12, F72T12, F96T12, F96T12/HO

Green: Green lamps are commonly used in ATM signs and other places where a green light is desired.

Sizes available: F15T8, F20T12, F30T12, F32T8, F40T12, F72T12, F72T12/HO, F96T12

Interlectric also offers these specialty colored lamps:

Artic Lite: A ?cool? appearing white light, closer to true daylight than Daylight and with better spectral distribution. Artic Lite gives good color rendition and is excellent for office lighting or displaying merchandise. Artic Lite enhances the brilliance of jewelry, silverware, diamonds, crystal, chrome, etc.

Blacklite: Used by restaurants, bars, and the entertainment industry for lighting effects. For use by other industries for curing as well as other applications.

Blacklight Blue: Similar to Blacklight, but with a filter in the glass to filter out visible light. Used by psychedelic shops for lighting fluorescent posters, displays, etc. In bars and restaurants, the Blacklight Blue is used where only fluorescent material in clothing and objects, most white clothing, teeth, and whites of eye, are desired for effect. Often used by the theater to achieve a similar effect. Additional industrial uses would be inspection.

Chroma 50: Same as Arctic Lite

Cool White: General lighting where color rendition is not important. Cool White is deficient in both red and blue when compared to natural sunlight.

Cool White Deluxe: Similar in Kelvin temperature to Cool White, but with higher color rendering and lower light output. To be used in Cool White applications where an improved appearance and slight decrease in light output is possible.

Daylight: General Lighting. Daylight is bluer than Cool White.

Gro Lite NS: This is a magenta colored light under which plants grow (especially traditionally indoor plants), and is therefore useful in commercial greenhouse, florist displays, and home planters. It is also used in vending machines, as well as, cocktail lounges and restaurants for atmosphere lighting.

Market Lite Plus: The best light available for meat displays, making the product look fresh and appetizing. Unlike traditional lights used for this purpose, Market Lite Plus will bring out the red in the meat, as well as the white in the marbling without adding color to the marbling, thus, maximizing the marbling effect. Market Lite Plus is also excellent for produce and merchandise displays.

Natural: A warm, pleasant light, cooler than Warm White, but warmer than Cool White, while having much higher color rendering than either, Natural complements skin tones and is often used in restaurants, lobby?s and cafeterias.

Pink: Where Pink light is desired.

Reprographic Gold: For use in the reprographics industry to provide short blue filtered light in the development processes.

Sign Lite: Same as Artic Lite.

True Lite: True Lite produces the illumination of north sky daylight and should be used where color judgments are made. It is a must for clothing, rug, furniture, wallpaper and paint stores, textile and dye manufacturers, printers, photographers, art studios, museums and galleries.

Warm White: General Lighting. Warm White is richer in reds and yellows than Cool White, and is, therefore, more flattering to skin tones.

Warm White Deluxe: Similar in appearance to Warm White but with better color rendering properties.