Interlectric Full Spectrum Lighting

This Full Spectrum lamp produces a “natural” light, like the illumination of northern or Artic sky daylight. Full Spectrum lighting is a must for applications where color judgments are made.

Full Spectrum lamps come in four great colors: True Lite? , True Lite? Ultra, Artic Lite, and Trilumen 50.

True Lite?: Renders light similar to noontime natural sunlight in the northern hemisphere.

Technical information: Color Rendering Index: 90 Kelvin Temperature: 5720

True Lite? Ultra: Similar to True Lite? but manufactured with Triphosphors to achieve 30% more light output and better lumen depreciation over the life of the lamp.


Commercial uses such as textile and dye manufacturers, printers, photographers, art studios, and museums and galleries.

Retail applications such as clothing, rug, furniture, wallpaper and paint stores, flower shops, and general merchandising.

Eliminates color distortions.
Perfect color matching and coordinating.
Natural outdoor lighting 24 hours a day.
Shows packaging colors to full advantage.
Adds sparkle and brightness to diamonds, crystal, and silver.

Office and school classroom applications

Glare elimination and reduced eye strain.
Higher morale and less absenteeism.
Higher aptitude test scores.
Increased growth and development in children.

Treatment of winter depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Artic Lite: Renders light similar to noontime natural sunlight in the Artic region. This product is also available in some sizes in C50 and Sign Lite.

Technical information: Color Rendering Index: 92 Kelvin Temperature: 5000


Artic Lite gives good color rendition and is excellent for office lighting or displaying merchandise. While excellent for general lighting, Artic Lite will also enhance the brilliance of jewelry, silverware, diamonds, crystal, chrome, etc.

Trilumen 50: The Trilumen 50 is a tri-phosphor blended lamp that emits a bright, natural-colored light. It has a Kelvin temperature of 5000 and a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 87, which makes it 30% brighter than a standard Cool White. The Trilumen 50 is ideal lighting for classrooms, office areas, lobbies, corridors, showrooms, warehouses and garages with high ceilings, and anywhere else a natural light is desired for a bright environment. A Trilumen 50 work area can improve productivity by significantly reducing glare and eyestrain.