10 Foot Sign Lamps

108, 117, and 120 inch Sign Lamps

Technical information:

For general HO tube information see HO/VHO

10 foot lamps are available in three colors:

  • Cool White CRI: 62 Kelvin temperature: 4200
  • Daylight CRI: 76 Kelvin temperature: 6300
  • Sign Lite CRI: 92 Kelvin temperature: 5000

Note: Cool White is popular in the Mid West and Eastern states Daylight is popular in Southern state

LED Sign Lamps

The LED Signage Series requires no warm up time, is not effected by cold temperatures, has no UV radiation, has no mercury, and has a 50,000 hour life expectancy.

  • Maintenance friendly and saves on associated costs. ?Easy to install, low defect rate, low service calls, quicker installation time.
  • No UV, No Infrared, No Glass, No filaments to break, No lead or mercury.
  • Environmental friendly, 100% recyclable.
  • Highly resistant to shock, Solid-State Nature.
  • Low Voltage, Low heat output compared to fluorescent lamps – will not deteriorate sign faces and color due to heat.
  • Three year warranty.

Electric Signs

Electric Signs can be classified into two groups.

Luminous – Letter Signs: A sign that has illuminated letters and a non-illuminated background.
Luminous – Element Signs: A sign with panels of translucent plastic or glass that is illuminated by an interior light source. The plastic or glass panel is either integrally pigmented, externally painted, or opaque. The pigmenttation or paint film acts as a diffuser for the light providing uniform brightness across the sign face.
Factors to Consider:

Speed of Recognition: The brightness of either the letters or the background, or the contrast between the letters and background. Brightness and contrast attract attention.
Sign Readability: A sign’s face that is too bright will suffer loss of readability from the halo effect around the letters. An insufficiently lit sign reduces the legibility distance of the sign face.
Attractiveness: Opaque letters on a light background are generally suggested if attractiveness is your major concern, such as in many commercial signs.
Communication: If communication is the major factor, very light letters on a dark background are suggested.

Light Source Factors:

  • Brightness required
  • Sign shape and size
  • Desired color effects
  • Environmental temperature and conditions
  • Service access requirements

*Fluorescent lamps are a good choise of light source as the light source is linear and does not need the aid of a diffuser