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Cool White (CW): General lighting where color rendition is not important. Cool White is deficient in both red and blue when compared to natural sunlight. Cool White is a term widely used to denote the color temperature of around 4100K. The (CW) designation is used specifically for T12 and other fluorescent lamps using halo phosphors and having a CRI of 62.

Daylight (D): General Lighting where the desired color of lighting resembles daylight. Daylight lamps are bluer than Cool White and typically have a color temperature range of 5000k to 6500k.

Natural: A warm, pleasant light, cooler than Warm White, but warmer than Cool White, while having much higher color rendering than either, Natural complements skin tones and is often used in restaurants, lobby’s and cafeterias.

Warm White (WW): General Lighting with a color temperature of 2700k, which is popular for residential lighting. Warm White is richer in reds and yellows than Cool White, and is, therefore, more flattering to skin tones.