Certified Wildlife Safe Lighting

The following Interlectric Lamps were made specifically to mitigate lighting’s impact on wildlife. ?Lighting can have a significant impact on wildlife disrupting behavior and potentially leading to serious injury. ?Most of these risks are alleviate or greatly reduce by using Interlectric’s Wildlife Lamps certified by The Wildlife Lighting Certification Program.

Now available color safe fluorescent lighting. No tubeguard required for color.

Sizes Available
F15T8 / Red
F20T12 / Red
F30T8 / Red
F32T8 / Red
F32T8 / Orange
F32T8 / Red XL
F40T12 / Red
F40T12 / Red XL
F40T12 / Orange
F96T12 / Red

Wildlife Certification Number: 2008-003

Wildlife Lighting Approved Models for Interlectric

For more details, please call 1-800-722-2184

Florida Wildlife Lighting Certificate for Orange Lamps for Interlectric