High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps most commonly refers to three lamp categories:

  1. Mercury Vapor Lamps
  2. Metal Halide Lamps
  3. High Pressure Sodium Lamps

Mercury Vapor Lamps:

Basic lamp types are coated, unless specified as clear.

Mercury Vapor lamps should be used when good optical control in a fixture is needed, long life is desired, and color rendition requirements are low to moderate. Mercury Vapor lamps should not be used in lighting situations where color rendering is a high priority.

Possible applications include street lighting, parking lot lighting, and general floodlighting.

Metal Halide Lamps:

Basic lamp types are clear, unless specified as coated.

Metal Halide lamps are designed for lighting situations that require good color characteristics, and high efficiencies.
General applications include commercial interior lighting, sports lighting, and outdoor floodlighting.

High Pressure Sodium Lamps:

Most efficient of the HID lamp sources.

Used in lighting situations where efficiency and long life are the high test requirements, and color rendition is generally unimportant.

Possible uses include general purpose street lighting, outdoor floodlighting, and hi-bay industrial lighting.

Low Pressure Sodium Lamps:

Interlectric has a complete line of low pressure sodium lamps.