Interlectric believes in the importance of recycling to promote a positive impact on the world that we live in. The industry has an opportunity and responsibility to help protect our environment by recycling used lamps. By going green, we can help preserve our posterity and standard of living for future generations to enjoy.

Lamp Recycling Kits are available for $24 a kit. With Interlectric’s Recycling?Kits, Mercury is safely collected from old lamps ensuring the Mercury will never pollute the environment.

Kits may be delivered and returned individually via FedEx at the customer’s expense. Alternatively, kits may be sent along wit new lamp orders via Interlectric’s shipping fleet at no additional cost. Used lamps returned via Interlectric’s shipping fleet following delivery of a new order are also shipped free of charge.

Our Lamp Recycling Kit makes recycling easy by providing safe storage for used lamps and low-cost, easy return. It also eliminates the risk of fines and penalties for the improper disposal of used lamps.